"Buffoon", a catchy yet strangely dark melody by Zez Confrey, was frequently used as a theme for the Farnsworth Four and Farnsworth and Katz pictures between 1932 and 1937. This recording by Nat Shilkret's Orchestra dates from May 1, 1932. Keen listeners may also recognize this tune from the 1934 Ub Iwerks' cartoon Balloonland. In later years, an abbreviated, updated version of "Buffoon" was used as the opening theme of The Farnsworth and Katz Show (1960-66). This is a fairly large .wav file (959KB). click here.

A brief audio clip (.wav) from a 1938 Farnsworth and Katz appearance on Campbell's Soups' Hollywood Hotel. click here.

Soupy uses his own brand of mathematics in order to avoid paying Bobby a year's wages in this excerpt from Bingo! (1939) This routine, known as "Paid In Full", led a long and healthy life in burlesque. This is a very large MP3 file (2.17 MB) click here.

Farnsworth and Katz sing "The Coffee Song" in Coffee Mugs, a 1961 episode of the animated Farnsworth and Katz Show. This is a large MP3 file (979KB). click here.